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We are happy to greet you on our web site and present you the professional kennel of the Central Asian Sheperd Dog – «S Krutoyara». The main purpose of our work is breeding dogs of steady psyche/balanced character, healthy anatomy, perfect guard traits and excellent exterior. Our dogs are not only perfect guards and defenders for us but undoubtedly our best friends and companions. 

We had first Asian in 2002 and since then we are fully captivated by this breed. All these years were not spent in vain - we learnt a lot, visited a number of kennels in different parts of Russia exchanging experience with likeminded people and gaining our own. 

During this period of work our kennels brought out a lot of dogs which we can be by right proud of. Our "graduates" posess those breed traits which made people during a thousand years choose exactly the Central Asian Sheperd Dog. Keen intelligence and fidelity, courage and virtue, and absolutely unpretentiousness in keeping - these are the main reasons why алабай is considered to be the best breed to protect family, house and entrusted territory.

We are happy to know that some of our puppies' owners plunge into dog-breeding so much that present their favourites on russian and european dog exhibitions with great success. 
Amoung our "graduates" one can find ...........repeated.....

On our web site you can choose a puppy or get down into the waiting list For next litters. We can deliver dogs all over the world - European and Asian countries, the United States.

We guarantee to all owners of our dogs the comprehensive aid and support in growing and traning their nurselings. One can Also find all necessary information about feeding, growing, training and exhibiting in our forum.You are welcome to join any discussion you are interested in and ask any questions.



Our young male Faragor The Prince S Krutoyara - ex.1, BEST JUNIOR MALE
We are happy to introduce you double-litter from two Champions.
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